G2 Full-Capture CPS-Mod™

G2 Full-Capture CPS-Mod™ (Patent Pending)


G2’s ARS CamLock Series™ (Patent Pending)

ARS CamLock Series™
G2’s ARS CamLock Series™ screens are the most advanced screens for curb-opening catch basins (CBs). Approved by all Agencies, it is the best “first line of defense” in preventing trash, pollutants, and debris from entering the water system at the source CB. This patent pending “automatic retractable screen” (ARS) design:

  • Prevents up to 95% of trash and debris from entering the CB, and significantly reduces CB cleaning requirements and costs
  • Custom designed, fabricated, and installed for each CB
  • Fits any standard curb-face CB
  • Automatically unlocks and opens during storm events to prevent street flooding
  • Automatically re-locks in the closed position to prevent pollutant access
  • 100% stainless steel with ¾” screen opening for water-flow
  • Fabrication – “Made in SoCal, California, USA”

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G2’s ARS CamLock Series™ screens are recommended with G2’s CPS Modular Series™


ARS CL12ARS CL12™ is the most popular and specified ARS screen in the industry. This device includes all the features shown above.


  • Stops all pollutants ¾ inches and larger from entering catch basins and water systems.
  • Pollutants prevented from entering the catch basin:
    • Primary: plastics (food containers, bags, bottles); trash (paper, cigarette butts, cans); vegetative debris (leaves, branches, landscaping); other objects (balls, toys).
    • Secondary: pollutants absorbed by or attached to the Primary pollutants. Including from vehicles (hydrocarbons, fluids, copper, cadmium, zinc, tires, etc.), pathogens / bacteria, pesticides, nutrients, organic compounds, sediment toxicity, etc.


  • Low initial capital investment cost relative to other proven water quality BMPs.
  • Low long-term cost relative to any proven water quality BMP.
  • Low total lifetime cost compared to any water quality BMP or "doing nothing".
  • Requires no replacement filters or parts.
  • Requires no external electricity source; operates on renewable energy.
  • Works in harmony with regular street sweeping programs.

Aesthetics & Public Outreach:

  • Beautiful stainless steel device adds aesthetic value to any street.
  • Residents perceive the ARS CL12™ to be an environmental benefit and source of community pride.

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G2’s ARS CamLock Series™ screens are recommended with G2’s CPS Modular Series™

ARS CL16™ (Patent Pending)

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Drop-In CPS Screen™

Grate Screen
G2’s Drop-In CPS Screen™ are full-capture systems for installation under a grated catch basin inlet. Approved by Metro and agencies, it prevents trash, pollutants, and debris from entering the water system through grated inlets:

  • Installed in grated catch basin inlets
  • “Full-Capture System”
  • Captures 100% of trash and debris 5mm or larger
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Fabrication – “Made in California, USA”

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EDC-13 Filter Basket Insert (FBI)

G2’s EDC-13 is a filter basket insert (FBI) installed on the inside front wall of a catch basin. It captures trash, pollutants, and debris that falls into the catch basin. Approved by LACDPW and Agencies nationally.

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