G2 CPS-Mod Series™

G2 CPS-Mod Series™

G2’s CPS-Mod Series™ screens are full-capture systems with a revolutionary modular easy installation inside catch basins. Approved by Los Angeles County DPW and agencies nationwide, it prevents trash, pollutants, and debris from entering the water system through the outlet pipe.

  • Approved “Full-Capture System”
  • Captures 100% of trash and debris 5mm or larger
  • Fits all catch basins
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Fabrication – “Made in California, USA”

Recommended with ARS CamLock Series™

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CPS-Mod 4S-L & CPS-Mod 3S

CPS-Mod 3S & CPS-Mod 3S-3P

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Full Capture System